A Love, D.Jenee Wedding

It was the happiest day of my life! Creating all of the dresses for my Ladies of Court and my wedding dress was a dream!

It started with a sketch, created over 2 years ago. I was in love an totally inspired. I wanted to have a extraordinary dress that felt regal. I began looking for inspiration. I drew from African royalty, Indian styled embroidery, and the silhouette of my mother’s wedding dress.

My mom was such a beautiful and luxurious bride. I set out to capture that essence, so I started with her dress. I studied the stitching, lining, boning, and beading. I created a complete satin underdress in the mermaid style of my mom’s dress. Then, I built, and draped the lace over the top. The most exciting part was building my own applique from a velvet lace fabric and sewing the stones on top. The most important thing for me to do was to take my time through the process. Creating the dress was the least stressful event of my wedding, it was my getaway and helped me literally see things coming together.

The Ladies of Court dresses were so important to get right. First off, all of the women had special roles, to not just look beautiful and stand beside me for the big day, but to bring their gifts and talents to the table to get Jordan and I down the aisle, which became even more important once COVID-19 hit and tried to throw all of our plans out.

I wanted all of their dresses to be custom to their body type, and I also gave them choice of style. One of Love, D. Jenee signatures is to have asymmetrical lines. Since there were no print designs, I chose to include the asymmetrical neckline in all styles. Not only did it mimic my dresses neckline but it brought their styles together cohesively. We managed with only having 2 proper fittings and losing one of the ladies in the final 2 weeks to COVID quarantine.

All in all these designs became the centerpieces of my wedding and I couldn’t be happier!

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