About Us

Love D.Jenee’ is primarily a made-to-order brand focused on accentuating the vivacity of African-American life and culture. Each collection tells a story of sisterly love, love for self, and love for others.

Creative Director/Owner/Designer


What pushes me is purpose. Love, D. Jeneé got its name from a promise I made to myself, with the gift to encourage others, and the challenge to fully love myself, Love, D. Jeneé would be a reminder that we are worthy just as we are. Since 8 years old I’ve been sewing and officially creating looks that celebrate the beauty of personal identity. Now, as a fashion wellness brand, Love, D. Jeneé empowers, educates, and celebrates women. We are a made-to-order, made-to-measure, accessible luxury fashion brand. Each collection has a concept/story based around identity, wellness, and empowerment. As well as being a fashion brand, we also offer affordable styling subscriptions for everyday people, to  connect the message with clients personal needs and goals. Our aspiration is to be a brand that brings people in for style, but they  leave having experienced love and gaining new tools to lead their lives empowered. 

The #ElephantStrong symbol, the powerful insignia you see in all of the print designs, represents the power of the divine feminine. It’s a healing force beyond the physical world. The Divine Feminine is the positive expression of the feminine side of us that exists in both men and women. When you see this symbol remember that you are a force to be reckoned with.

“The elephant in the room is never the problem, never. It is the people who are ignoring it that is..” -unknown

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