Terms and conditions

For Ready, Wear

full creative value

Ready, Wear is made on demand and drop-shipped from outside companies. We offer these made-to-order pieces to allow collectors to support our brand at a more accessible pricepoint. The slow fashion movement influences our entire brand in that, we believe excess stock=excess waste. 

Please allow up to 14 days to receive your order, as they are only cut and sewn once they are ordered.

If you should receive a Ready,Wear style that is ill fitting or improperly made. Notify us immediately and we will proceed with the exchange/return process with our dropshippers.


For Made-To-Measure

Love, D.Jeneé LLC is a made-to- measure company. Each product is made on demand and prints are ordered special. If a MTM (Made to Measure) Piece is on BACK-ORDER, it simply means your fabric is being ordered on demand, give 15-20 days for your shipment. If there is NO back order notification, give 5-10 business days to receive your shipment notification.While we are not able to offer returns or refunds, we do allow (1) free alteration with free shipping. Every alteration after that point is a flat charge of $25. Allow (14) days to receive your MTM order and allot (6-8) weeks for possible alterations if you are purchasing these items for a special event/vacation.

For any alterations, call or text our office at 615-219-5193 to make your request. Once your request is confirmed by e-mail, you will be notified with details on shipping back to us for your first free alteration.

Our clothing is made-to-measure, just for you and no one else. Alteration returns must be received within 30 days of delivery. Please note that these terms only apply for our MTM collections. There are no returns or refunds for our Ready, Wear and Accessories, as these are made to order.

If you have any questions, please call or text our office number for help.

For LDJ Style Subscriptions

All Love, D. Jeneé (LDJ) Subscriptions have a (3) month probation period where you have the opportunity to cancel if the services are no longer needed. Subscription cancellation after that (3) month probation period will result in a temporary subscription on-boarding suspension of up to (6) months. LDJ Styling Subscriptions are made for all of your online shopping pain points. Never hesitate to schedule a Personal Designer Meeting to let us take that pesky online shopping frustration off of your back.