Below are ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and a contact form. You matter to us! Don’t hesitate to send us feedback and any additional questions you have, but don’t see below. We practice sincerity in service and take your feedback as a priority.

how it works

find your favorite piece

  • Love, D.Jenee' Bespoke has many variations to choose from.
  • Choose your favorite piece and customize the size and print type you'd like.

allot (4) weeks for the piece to arrive.

  • Each piece is made as each order is placed. This helps us to save our contribution of waste and pollution.Please allow up to (8) weeks time before you need the piece for any alterations necessary. Contact us to purchase sample size.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

I want to try custom order, but I'm not sure of my measurements?

Myself and my team are consistently making full force efforts to make this process easier for you. For right now please refer to the US Size measurement chart provided with each product. This will give you a guide based on your normal dress size. For any further help, use the contact form and we will get to you as soon as possible.

Why are made-to-order/ custom order pieces more expensive?

They are made on demand. The designer builds or grades a pattern specifically to your measurements. Love, D.Jenee’ not only does this, but all print designs used are original and are ordered and printed on fabric specifically for you. This process cuts down on waste in the environment.

What if I have problems with the fit?

We offer (1) free alteration, this includes shipping. See terms and conditions below for more details.

Where will I wear these pieces?

Love, D.Jenee’ has something for everyone. All of the pieces can be mixed and matched. These fun, fashion forward pieces are able to be worn on many occasions. The dresses can be worn casually or formally. The pants can be worn casually, formally or leisurely (athletics/performance). There are so many ways to wear Love,D. Jenee’ collection pieces because they were designed with “on-the-go” individuals in mind. What’s even better, is that these pieces are all works of art and bring meaning to simple materials.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from the afro-futuristic movement. This movement is so colorful and inclusive. It reminds me of love, love doesn’t leave anyone out. Love is service. Women are a central part of the movement aka “femme the future.” Most of my greatest influences of love have been black women, and women in general have always been the backbone of the community.

How do I approach you to make an original piece?

Please, have a budget.  It is so hard to generalize a price for people who don’t have one. It is extremely hard to source materials with no budget. Which stifles creativity. Have an idea in mind. Tagging lovedjenee in your pinterest boards is tan easy way , if we aren’t meeting for a personal consultation.  DISCLAIMER: No, I will not be recreating a (inserted designer) piece for you. It’s a form of plagiarism. It is also a tell-tell sign of someone who wants something that looks designer made for a cheaper price. I CAN take a photo you send and draw inspiration from it. This is my career, not a side hobby. If you’ve done this, don’t feel bad, just do better. Contact the e-mail address at the footer of the page or the “Contact me” page of this website.

Terms and conditions

Love, D.Jenee’ LLC is a made-to- measure company. Each product is made on demand and prints are ordered special. While we are not able to offer returns or refunds, we do allow (1) free alteration with free shipping. Every alteration after that point is a flat charge of $25. Allow (6-8) weeks to receive your purchased item. For any alterations, fill out the contact me form with your e-mail and a member from our team will contact you promptly.

atlanta based

Love,D.Jenee' LLC is based in Atlanta, no physical store locations. We ship everywhere in the U.S.! Use the contact form for any international inquiries.