Custom Lifer

Everyday I sit back and watch our ever-changing world. What baffles me are the large groups of people striving to be like each other. What thrills me is the new group of people striving to just be themselves!

Are you a custom-lifer?

Here is a checklist:

  1. You are chasing YOUR OWN purpose: You understand there is much more to life than constant competition and having things (or people) to show off, in order to assert some kind of dominance over someone else.
  2. You’re not a trend follower: You tend to set trends, and/or you just don’t care to try and impress anyone but yourself when it comes to your personal style.
  3. You’re an Artist: someone who uses there God given ability to change the world, while staying consistent in sharpening your special skill set.
  4. You want what YOU want, not what they tell you to want.

If you have even one of these qualities, you may be a custom lifer. Let’s have a conversation. What drives you? Custom-lifers always have a cause, a fight, and/or a struggle. Comment below about your own custom-life experience.


Hello lovelies! I'm your designer De'Andria. Thank you so much for visiting Love, D. Jenee, I hope you leave her loving YOU even more. Let's start with freeing up your style/aesthetic. I experience freedom through artful expression. In dance, conceptual art, poetry, and activism!

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