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Owner/ Designer De'Andria receives flowers from sisters Bria (GT Choreagrapher) and Jazma (Event Organizer/Planner)

My First Solo Show

Many have asked,”How do you feel after your first solo show?” Many times I have simply said “Great!” because the show was truly a blessing, great turn out, and truly encompassed my vision of how it would run, thanks to Jazma Parker (Event Planner/PR), and Teresa Evans.

I have truly been sorting all of it out for the last month. I held so much anxiety, and went through so much emotional torment, while in the process of planning a fashion show centered around mental health. I had breakdowns; times when others’ negative energy would permeate past the protective shield I ventured to build around myself.

I had to find comfort in my confidence (faith) in myself (the God in me). I had to rest on the notion that this would, at the very least, be a celebration for how far I’ve come and how hard I can push my limits. It revealed a message that I intended to share with the world through the Golden Tears Collection, that reflected right back to me and caused me to love myself harder.

Faith is a practice, a daily workout that asks you to push the limits of your mind and go for it! Love, D.Jenee’ has much more in store. Be sure to subscribe, check out the pieces from the Golden Tears collection, and read more about this collections purpose from past blogs on the website!

Love, D. Jenee’


Hello lovelies! I'm your designer De'Andria. Thank you so much for visiting Love, D. Jenee, I hope you leave her loving YOU even more. Let's start with freeing up your style/aesthetic. I experience freedom through artful expression. In dance, conceptual art, poetry, and activism!

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