Combining comfort of activewear with bold color and text, print and silhouette. Collaboration of Odd Proportions -to cause cooperation.


#SaveYourMonster is a concept inspired by the music of artist Musiq Souchild and artist Paco Peregrin, which combines the visual and intellectual ideas of both artists. Paco Peregrin’s photo series “Beautiful Monster” reflects on the idea of identity that uses make-up as a modern mask that helps protect the individual wearing it by creating a camouflage. His photography depicts women in flashy make-up that completely, or mostly covers the entire face, but leaves the body free from covering. Musiq Soulchild’s song “sAvE yOur mOnStEr” from his latest alter ego project Purplewondaluv the EP, encourages acceptance of one’s own flaws and complications in order to fully love themselves.

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