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a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing.

  1. “a man hater”



a negative or critical person.

  1. “she found it difficult to cope with the haters”


Haters are not just the bold individuals that post hateful remarks about people or subtweet or subliminally bring up your exact situation to be shady. Being a hater starts in the heart, it’s the negativity we hold in. It’s the things we don’t say, but end up acting on when we don’t address with ourselves the hate for what it is doing to our capacity to walk in love.


Informal Interview


Me: Have you ever been a hater?


You: I focus on myself, I don’t care what anyone else is doing.


Me: So, you’ve never been ” a negative or critical person” ?


You: Of course! I think I can be very critical about what I don’t agree with, but that’s just a difference of opinion.


Me: So these people you don’t agree with, what do you usually do when you don’t agree with them?


You: Nothing. I mind my own business.


You in actuality: Say many things about them to yourself or friends, threaten to unfollow them (not a problem, this is actually good for both of you), whenever their name is mentioned you get a shiver up you spine and negativity encompasses your thoughts…

g through something we feel like we’ve been through before? Why shouldn’t we speak positivity over our OWN paths? Instead of coveting our followers, celebrities, friends, family, associates, randoms…we can change so much by reevaluating our egocentric mode of operation. Until next time, LOVE 1st, speak…easy.


**P.S. Sorry for the long break! I promise I’m back and can’t wait to share more positivity. Please show love to as many people you can today! The world is a dark place, WE are the light.

I’m guilty, I’ve done this so many times. Those negative thoughts, those oddly critical comments, that judgment about something you may not even fully understand. It even persists when you feel you’ve “experienced” someone else’s phase and “you’re so past that”. Truly, if you were past it that critical, judgmental feeling wouldn’t even crop up. Don’t be a hater all your life.


To anyone reading this why shouldn’t we should speak positivity over things we don’t understand. What do we have to lose? Why shouldn’t we speak positivity over those that are goin



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