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Shout-Out to BLACK Women!

February 21st, 2017

For the haters, and all of those who never acknowledge us as being part of the race. WE’RE HERE! We’ve dealt with being part of so many intersectionalities for ages. We were taught to be our men, children and brother’s strength, while ignoring our own pain. All women can say that they’ve “been there, and feel that” but I’m speaking to the women that never care to receive the credit, because we knew we wouldn’t. We depended on God to see us through, because this whole world wouldn’t acknowledge our existence.

I’m proud of my sisters, rising to each occasion as the most educated ethnic group. Opening up new innovative businesses, taking care of your families, and still having time to march and fight for what we love and believe in. If they never tell you they love you, I LOVE YOU.

You’ve been part of my life from my conception. Taking me into your homes and putting me before your own needs. You’ve taken the back seat to everyone, but still made time to speak your mind. To my Sunday school teachers and community center counselors, you’ve watched us grow up, after we watched you show up, day to day, not recognizing the way we watched you graciously give of your time, you don’t go unnoticed. You’ve hidden your beauty behind the scenes long enough.  NEVER lose your voice, and never lose your JOY, it’s given from God. Black woman smile! Until next time, Love 1st and speak…easy.


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  1. Beverly Stanton

    I’m so very proud of YOU and YOUR accomplishments!!!
    I know today has been a anxious day for me and I’ve been sheading tears anyway but when I viewed you and your work, the tears are tears of pure Joy!
    I Give God Glory for the path He paved many years ago, a Vision that only He and You knew would come to Pass!!!
    I’m so EXCITED for the future Plans He has for You…
    There is no stopping you now! Just always remember what God has for You is for You!
    Glorify Him in ALL you do, He is worthy and You are Blessed!
    Love you

    1. De'Andria

      Dear Mrs.Bev
      Thank you so much for taking the time out to view the website! I feel encouraged. I am blessed to have a great big extended family in you all! You all are truly my support system. Love you!

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