You are currently viewing This will never be pimped by me for your consumption

This will never be pimped by me for your consumption

This blog is only here for you to read it- or not

I’m writing this for me- and you, if you need it

Don’t get it twisted, I AM in business

but not in the business of pimping.

-Love, D.Jenee’

There is a fine line between promoting and pimping/exploiting, to me. I want more organic relationships with my followers/patrons/customers. We may not ever meet in person. Just know that I do take personal interest in your pursuits, your businesses, your livelihood. Sit back relax and enjoy the content. Thank you for taking the time out to read all of this pure passion.

And of course, don’t hesitate to give any constructive critiques, or advice. I’m always ready to learn.

-Love, D.Jenee’



Hello lovelies! I'm your designer De'Andria. Thank you so much for visiting Love, D. Jenee, I hope you leave her loving YOU even more. Let's start with freeing up your style/aesthetic. I experience freedom through artful expression. In dance, conceptual art, poetry, and activism!

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