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Vicarious Trauma of a Black Girl: No More Trauma in my Life…

But, I don’t want to write about my trauma anymore.


I just want to encourage you to be brave and air it out. Talk it through. Process what happened and then you can start to heal. All of these experiences that felt like unfair disadvantages are for you to USE.

U-Understand it is out of your control.

These things we can’t control are NOT OUR FAULT. You didn’t ask for it from your appearance. You shouldn’t “have known better.” You couldn’t have avoided it.

S- Start to press forward.

Your traumatic experiences don’t have to keep defining the actions you take in your life.

E-Experience your life with new EYES.

Give yourself a chance to start over. Make a list of everything you want to do and intentionally cross things off your list, putting your best foot forward. Never forgetting that when you need help, you have to give others a chance to help you!

You are still alive, so there is plenty more time for you experience amazing relationships, adventures, and to fulfill your PURPOSE! Encourage and help others going through pain too!


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