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What it means to be #ElephantStrong

Being aware of this brand, means that you’ve seen the powerful insignia that defines our original print designs.

Before I had even dreamed up Love, D.Jenee, I wanted to design custom for my loved ones. I watched big brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and many others used their brand name as a mark of luxury. Seeing their logo repeated all over meant that you had invested in a high quality item. Many coveted this symbol of success, until we were reminded that these items weren’t made for US.

You would enter their stores to be followed, and were made to feel that you had to prove you belong in their exclusive club. In recent years we’ve even seen some of these luxury brands use our anger as a marketing strategy. It only confirmed to me that I had been moving down my chosen path all along.

Creating the #ElephantStrong insignia was all about identifying who I am. Combining elements I ALWAYS had on me at the time: my red poof, and my hand crafted elephant necklace. But, what did that even mean? It only started as an identifier, but, placed intentionally, became symbol of unity.

I didn’t have the words then, but I was in a space where I was aware of my position in the world. A position of extreme vulnerability. It was in this space where I realized I must bare it all, because it made me stronger. I identified with the “bleeding heart”, used to describe one who shows excessive sympathy for another’s misfortune. I recognized it was also a flower whose shape resembled a heart and a uterus. I combined the elephant and the poof to mimic the shape.

Often, I am told the #ElephantStrong symbol resembles all three (a heart, a uterus, a flower). It became so much more. Representing the “Elephant in the Room,” strength, vulnerability, passion, and most of all love. But, I’d also like for you to take your own meaning from it, because it’s for you. Know that whenever you see the #ElephantStrong symbol, you see love, and love is you!

What is your interpretation of the #ElephantStrong symbol? Comment below.

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